Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact Information of key personnel –

General Counsel, Mark Mese with Kean/Miller LLP
Phone: 225-387-0999
E-mail mark.mese@keanmiller.com

Additional contact information is located on the Contact page of the LHBA GL Trust Member web site http://www.lhbagltrust.com/contact.html

LHBA GL Trust - Trust Administrator:
Midlands Management Corporation
Charles Caldwell and or Donna Marsh
Phone: 1 800 800 4007
Fax: 405 840 5432
E-mail: midlands@midman.com
Direct – Donna Marsh 405 898 8070
E-mail direct - dbmarsh@midman.com
E-mail direct – cccaldwell@midman.com

LHBA GL Trust – Claims Administrator:
Risk Management Services, LLC
Jean Robert or Chris Kennedy
Phone: 800-351-7475
Email direct: jrobert@rmsla.com
Email direct: ckennedy@rmsla.com


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