Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I choose the GL Trust?

  • The GL Trust is governed by its members and is controlled by builders, for builders.
  • The Trust offers general liability coverage at cost, a value to builders that cannot be matched by any other general liability provider.
  • Indemnitees of the Trust become members of the Louisiana Home Builders Association, the local home builder association in their area, and the National Home Builders Association; all very effective at protecting the interests of home builders
  • The Trust produces model contracts for builders to use in their operations. These model contracts should be modified by the builder's legal counsel to fit the individual builder's needs, they can be used as tools to further protect the builder from liability.
  • The Trust distributes dividends to its members. In order to receive dividends, builders must maintain their coverage with the Trust. To date, $7.4 million has been paid in dividend distributions.
  • The Trust offers FREE loss control services to its indemnitees.
  • The Trust has affordable payment plans available.

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2. Who are the Board Members?

LHBA Representative - Kenneth Jones
Northwest Representative - James Fine
Northeast Representative -
Central Representative - Michael Virden
Southwest Representative -
Acadian Representative - Mac Gibson
Capital Region Representative - Ronnie Kyle
Northshore Representative - Jules Guidry
New Orleans Representative - Randy Noel 
Southeast Representative - Paul Ledet

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3. Is general liability coverage required?

If you are a licensed residential builder in the state of Louisiana, R.S. 37:2167 requires you to carry at least $100,000 of general liability coverage. A provision of this law recognizes entities like the Trust as a means of satisfying the requirement (see R.S. 22:5 (9) (d)).

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4. How do I find a GL Trust appointed agent?

To find an appointed agent in your area please call or email the GL Trust or contact Kenneth "Kenny" Aucoin at RMS Services, LLC.  He may be reached at 225-999-8820 or

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5. What limits are available?

The Trust offers limits of $500,000 per occurrence / $1 million aggregate, $1 million per occurrence / $2 million aggregate and $2 million per occurrence / $2 million aggregate.

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6. Will you cover operations outside of the state of Louisiana?

No, the LHBA GL Trust only provides coverage for occurrences within the state of Louisiana.

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7. Can a remodeler obtain coverage through the GL Trust?

Yes, the Trust offers coverage to remodelers. In order to be eligible, you must have 5 years of experience.

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8. Can a builder performing commercial work obtain coverage through the GL Trust?

Yes, the Trust offers coverage to commercial builders; however, commercial work cannot exceed an average of 30% of the builder's operations over the past 5 years. Also, there is no coverage for construction of or operations on buildings exceeding 3 stories in height or having a total area that exceeds 20,000 square feet under roof.  Other limitations and/or exclusions may apply.

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9. Who is the registered agent for Service of Process for the GL Trust?

Mark Mese
Kean Miller LLP
II City Plaza
400 Convention Street, Suite 700
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Phone: (225) 382-3424

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10. How do I notify the Trust of a claim and/or a potential claim?

Notice of a claim, a lawsuit, an occurrence or an offense shall be given as follows:
To the Louisiana Home Builders Association General Liability Trust
Louisiana Home Builders Association General Liability Trust
c/o Risk Management Services, LLC
PO Box 80740
Baton Rouge, LA 70898-0740
8440 Jefferson Hwy, Suite 408
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Phone: 225-389-9944

Duties in the Event of a Claim or Lawsuit:

  1. No Indemnitee will, except at that Indemnitee's own cost, voluntarily make a payment, assume any obligation, or incur any expense, other than first aid, without the Trust's written consent which may not be unreasonably withheld.
  2. The Named Indemnitee and any other involved Indemnitee must:
    1. Assist the Trust, upon the Trust's request, in the enforcement of any right against any person or organization which may be liable to the Indemnitee because of injury or damage to which this Agreement may also apply;
    2. Immediately send the Trust's designee as stated in the Schedule copies of any demands, notices, summonses or legal papers received in connection with the claim or a Lawsuit;
    3. Cooperate with the Trust in the investigation, or settlement of the Lawsuit and/or claim; or defense against the Lawsuit if the Trust decides to defend; and
    4. Authorize the Trust to obtain records and other information.
  3. If any Indemnitee becomes aware of, or receives a claim or Lawsuit, the Named Indemnitee must:
    1. Notify the Trust's designee as stated in the Schedule in writing of the claim or Lawsuit as soon as practicable, but during the Agreement's Term or any additional reporting period;
    2. Immediately notify the Trust's designee as stated in the Schedule of any Lawsuit as soon as practicable, but during the Agreement's Term or any additional reporting period; and
    3. Immediately record the specifics of the claim and the date received.

Duties in the Event of an Occurrence or Offense:

The Named Indemnitee must notify the Trust's designee as stated in the Schedule in writing as soon as practicable of an Occurrence or offense, which may result in a claim. To the extent possible, notice should include:

  1. How, when and where the accident, occurrence, or offense took place;
  2. The names and addresses of any injured person and witnesses; and
  3. The nature and location of any injury or damage arising out of the occurrence or offense.

Notice of an Occurrence or offense is not notice of a claim.

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11. Who handles Claims?

Chase James, Claims Examiner
Direct email:
Office: 225-389-9944
Mobile: 225-252-9334

Risk Management Services, LLC
660 Laurel Street, Suite B101
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

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12. What is the New Home Warranty Act and why is it important?

The New Home Warranty Act (NHWA) is the exclusive remedy for construction defects between the builder and the homeowner. It is a tradeoff whereby the builder provides certain warranties remedying and repairing defects in the home in exchange for limitations on such warranties. The warranty only covers actual physical damage to the home as set forth in the NHWA. There is a minimum warranty; however, the builder can agree to more extensive warranties. The Trust excludes by amendment the obligations of the builders per the NHWA. The Trust generally, where other exclusions to coverage do not apply, provides a discretionary defense to the builder to assert the protections of the NHWA for the builder when the builder cooperates with his obligation to remedy and repair the defects.
GL Trust NHWA Amendment
New Home Warranty Act

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